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windows xp with in windows 7 gaming?

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i have some old games that wont run on 7 so i would like to know if i can run the games using the xpmode. i read somewhere that there are 2 versions and one uses ms virtual software and the other one idk , i would like to know what one to install so i can use a video card to play games on...i dont know how to say it so the above is all i can think of
any help would be appreciated
such games are starcraft and homeworld2 they dont run properly on 7
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try running in xp compatibility mode first (open the properties of the shortcut, go to compatibility, etc.)
Windows XP Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 isn't all that great - it lacks graphic acceleration, and it seems to emulate a RDP connectio to a virtual machine - not the best way of implementing it.

If you can get your hands on VWMare Workstation 7.0, you could probably run those games, I think, because VMWare Workstation 7.0 includes DirectX 9.0c acceleration within virtual machines.

Alternative Option (1) Dual boot with Windows XP or (2) keep an older desktop / laptop around that can play XP games decently.

I do both - I've got a desktop and laptop, each with Windows 7 & Windows XP installed.
Windows XP mode in Win7 is for legacy "productivity" applications, not games. It's only of use for VM testing and running legacy corporate apps.
There is XP Mode for Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows 7, but it lacks GPU acceleration, so its not for gaming, you could try the normal compatibility mode for XP or Vista (depending on the game) to get it to work, Directx9 Mode instead of Directx10, Open GL mode if the game supports it (as a last resort) Starcraft, and Homeworld would be best run in Open GL Mode

its also good to have a Creative sound card (i see that you do), and have Open AL API installed, Along with Creative Alchemy to convert Directx sound into Open AL

Alchemy program has fixed allot of compatibility issues with games that didn't work without it on Vista/7 (due to Directx sound API being removed)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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