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Winner Chosen: CoD5:WAW

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Alright, this is real unlike the other freebie thread turned out not to be.

This is an OEM copy of the game, got it with my 9800gt. Serial key is on the back of the paper sleeve.

No minimum post requirement but a minimum of 15 rep

Just post your name and the drawing will end monday morning sometime.

Free shipping for US only
You pay shipping otherwise

Congrats xtascox
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I still have yet to play this. I'm in.

corky dorkelson
Count me in.. hope I win .. you could ship w/ the video card I'm buying from you!
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Arbiter419 is in!

I really want to give CoD 5 a try.
I'm in

Originally Posted by xxicrimsonixx
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I'm in if you let me pay shipping?

Alright, updated OP about shipping arrangements.
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s2kphile in =)
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