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Winner: Resident Evil 5 (English, overseas version)

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*Winner- Sgtbash*

Was glad to see the turnout and hope everyone enjoyed it. Being I had so many entries, Im gonna get another copy and do this again. So keep an eye out for Resident Evil 5; Round 2..... To Be Continued

*Glad to see alot of participants. I Will try to see about 2 copies so I can change the lives of 2 lucky lad or ladies....2 more days guys. The suspense is killing me, hahaha!!!*

I have a copy of Resident Evil 5. Game came from overseas from a friend in military so box is in different language but game is in English and is the real game. Also did not come with manual or key, so is for offline mode only BUT you can still play LAN coop with it or single-player story mode.

Game is wicked fun and killer graphics. Just wanna give back to OCN community. Must have atleast 10 reps and over 50 posts. I will pay shipping even. Will pick winner on Friday, 12.04.09 around 8PM EST Good luck!!

-Game is for PC
-Will ship to UK on your dime (If UK'ers are willing, edit their post so say "in" without the extra)
-Freebie TOS, Do not reply to thread if you are not participating.
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In I loved this game on PS3 but had no money to buy it. Thanks!!
May I ask which system it's for? If for PC, I'm in, if not, disregard this post.
Man, I wish I had more rep, I REALLY wanna play this game...
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Count me in mate, if you're willing to ship to Denmark.
I want please!
im in
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