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WinXP Pro Network issue

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So I just booted up the new rig, finally

Problems other than normal, I'm running XP Pro on a Router/Switch network, but I can't get the thing to see any of the other computers on the network either through Ping or net view, I can however go to Run and put \\\\IP address and that works fine, can't do that with the name though, I've checked and the names are right, does this have to do with the nvidia mobo and the two connections (I have them set to team). The windows diagnostic scan fails when it tries to ping my machines IP address.
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a common solution is:

run network setup wizard on all computers under the same workgroup.


if it doesn't work, disabling the firewall usually works for most people. and some have network security programs, that need to be bypassed or disabled.
yeah I've tried that without much luck, I think it has something to do with the teamed networking, because for all intents and purposes it is working, but I can't get the netbios names to recognize.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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