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[WIP] Social Network Cydget -Preview.

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As of yet, I haven't got a name for this. So far, all I have really done is setup the feed program on my server and configured it for my iPod.

There is quite a bit of work to be done, however so far this is an achievement for me.

All that has been done so far is streaming of facebook updates. However, if you want to use this in the future, i'd recommend you installing the RSS News Feed Reader app since facebook disabled their own feeds and are deleting these applications. If you get the feed now and bookmark it, it will stay.

What I plan to do in the future is add twitter feeds and possibly other feeds. Maybe include mail, calendars etc?

Anyway, remember this is in the very very basic stages. Styling isn't finished, neither is the functionality. I hope to add each network in a dropdown tab

Now, I have a few problems.

Im currently using Jquery to enable the sliding of the feeds. However, the feeds are coming in via javascript, which if put into the sliding div means it no longer slides. Infact, the feeds are outside of the div.

The only way I could find around this was to put the javascript on a separate page and call it in using an iframe which has added some random border and I can't have it set to 100% as it doesn't recognise the javascript as expanding content.

Can anyone else me find a solution to those little problems?
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