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wire question

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umm i was wondering is it alright for my cards and other stuff to come in contact with wires? like can i lay my wires on graphix card ? or will there be damadge?
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Just to make sure.... the wires are insulated, correct?

Also, some components on the video card get hot enough to melt wire so be careful.
just make sure you dont get any of the wires stuck in ur fans

and yes you can come in contact with wires as long as its not sharp or hot
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just wondering if electrical interfearance could be at work when dangling cables across components?? ive got my sata cables dangling on my graphics card and the rig works fine, so im guessing its ok to do that.
EMF can be a concern if you are pushing any system to it's limits. Why not keep the box tidy and tie off any loose cables, just as a matter of good practice? I like to use velcro rather than tie-straps, because it is obviously more handy to work with.
aight il keep away from heat thx guys
Zipties best idea but yes as long as heat and insulation on wires is good go for it mine has one on the GPU card and its been no problem
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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