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[Wired] HP Powers Notebooks With Longer Lasting Batteries

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Boston Power says its batteries, called Sonata, charge much faster than conventional batteries and they don't lose capacity over time. Sonata batteries charge to about 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes compared to the two hours that typical notebook batteries take currently, says the company. It also claims its batteries will prevent overheating and related fires.

About 18 HP consumer PC models will offer users the option to include the Sonata batteries instead of the standard batteries. And it cost consumers just about 20 percent more than current batteries. Separately, the Sonata batteries will be priced at $150 as an accessory for existing notebooks.
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Ooo, nice. A friend of mine uses an HP lappy. I oughtta let him see this.
very cool..will look into one possibly.
NO fires...that seems to take all the fun out of it.

But I am all for longer lasting batteries.
Yay !

These work with my laptop..justas my battery is satrting to die
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