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Wired internet to Wireless as access point.

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Ok so I've been browsing around and I still couldn't find an answer even on google so I thought I would post here.

Basically I'm using a wired internet connection to my laptop. I have wireless built in the laptop but what I want to use my laptop for is an access point. I want to relay the wired internet connection to the wireless portion of my laptop and have other things connect to my laptop using it's internet. How can I do this via XP?

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You would have to bridge the connections together in the network connections control panel in order to use your laptops wireless card as an access point.

The functionality/security as well as performance will be limited. You would be better off using a wireless access point.
thats fine, but i would like to know astep by step process on how i would do that? the only thing i qwould be using it for is mobile devices (ipod as well)
It would help if we knew if your laptop uses Vista or XP as the instructions will vary.

As for what you want to do, you'll want to set up your laptop so it will share the internet connection and act as a gateway (where other computers/devices will connect through it for internet).

Here are the instructions for sharing your internet connection in XP and in Vista.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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