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Wireless headphone? Sennheiser RS 130

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Sennheiser RS 130

Does anybody have/tried these and could tell me their opinions and suggestions if I should get them instead of the JVC HARX900's instead?

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I just recently got a pair of the Sennheiser RS 110s and I enjoy them. When I saw this deal, I almost jumped on it, after reading reviews that they're better, then the whole rechargeable factor. However, I decided to wait and see if RS 140 prices drop at all, as I would rather have close-backed headphones (my personal preference).

I don't know about the JVCs you linked, but I see nothing wrong with having a set of wired and a set of wireless headphones. I like to use my wireless when I'm cooking/doing dishes/etc, then wired if the actual cable doesn't interfere with anything.
I am assuming you're saying these are open backed headphones? That's alright, I want to feel the difference between the open and closed for myself.

Thanks for your opinion nonetheless.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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