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Wireless problems...bad range

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well i build this computer for my parents but its extremely far from the router and there complaining about no connectivity.

also i have a friend and other ppl with the same problem.

btw i tried getting a big antenna (9dbi) but it didnt help.
also tried the aluminum foil trick with the router. helps a lot but not stable.

willing to spend around $50 but not sure about everyone else.

whats a good adapter to get?
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What router do they have? You could put DD-WRT on it and then boost the signal strength. My router was default to 70 mW of transmission power and with DD-WRT I can boost it all the way to 215 mW. I keep it at 150 mW and I can get a clear signal at almost full strength through all the walls in my apartment and my neighbor's apartment.
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