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Wireless Problems

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My sister just got back from a semester abroad and her computer won't detect our wireless network. She's working with a laptop with IntelPro wireless (b i think). The router is a WRT54G with a mixed b/g network. It does not appear in the Available Wireless Networks window. I'm working on the valuable information that when she got over there she "changed some stuff" to get it to work in Wales. Is there any reason why it would not detect the network at all, or any way that I can reset all settings for the wireless adapter?
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I would try downloading an updated driver for her wireless card. Re-installing the driver seems to fix most issues.
Are there other wireless networks around that it can see?

What software are you using to manage the wireless card? Is it just Windows??

You can try manually entering in the wireless info into her machine. It may start working if it knows what it needs to do (I've seen weirder things).
I ended up just ****ing around till it worked. I still have no idea what the problem was - but w/e. It's all moot now
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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