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Wireless question

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I want to get a wireless router, but have a few questions.
I want to up my ISP connection so will probably be doomed to get on of their wireless broadband boxes, and I want to make a home network anyway.
If I get a wireless ADSL modem/router and use it with the ISP broadband box will I be able to use the modem/router just to share the internet/files over a network and the modem as a back-up if the ISP box goes?
or would it just be easier to get a wireless router and hook the ISP box too it?

Could someone point in the way of a good wireless router and a good wireless PCI card too, I don't want to use USB keys. I thought D-links DWL-G520 PCI card looked alright (http://www.materiel.net/ctl/Solution...DWL_G520.html) and this router (http://www.materiel.net/ctl/ModemRou...reless_N.html).
Thanks for any help!!
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well it would be easiest to just hook the isp box up to te router (that's what i did and it works great). this is an excelent router. i dont know much about woreless cards though, sorry
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Your easiest solution is to Buy a Wireless router, Hook it up to your Cable Modem. Buy a Wireless card, and you should be able to easily set up a home network. If you want to call you ISP for faster service, They will probably give you a different cable modem, You do not need to tell them you have a wireless connection, It will work regardless.
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