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Wireless went weird T___T

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i think it was fine like 2 days ago. last night, i came home, tried using laptop, it didnt c network. i restarted comp. found network and connected. minute later, it loses it again. i try finding it on my iphone. same thing.

so i restart my router [its the Buffalo HP wireless G w/ tomato firmware]

works for a min.. then goes away again..

still same problems right now. wired works fine. wireless not workin
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Try changing the wireless channel. I remember having the same problem. Every time the connection dropped, my dad or sister had to come into my room to reset the router. I fixed it by changing the channel in router configurations.

I think routers normally default to channel 6, you want to change it to channel 1 or 11 to avoid interference with your neighbor's wireless routers.
its on channel 1 already o_O
I found it's the drivers. Best to use windows wireless or Intel wireless applications because they work pretty good. If not go into the router and change the channel like stated before
but i havent changed anything lately.. so why would it randomly not work right

whats nice about tomato, it scans the channels and tells you how many APs are on each channel. just scanned.

theres 3 on Ch 6, 2 on Ch 8, 1 on ch 9, 1 on ch 11.
Channel 1 is at the lower end of the frequency band I believe. It may not be another AP that's interfering but some other wireless device you or a neighbor started using.

I was using channel 6 for a whole year before I started getting the same symptoms.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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