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WirelessHD Startup Takes Wraps off of Tech

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Startup SiBeam on Wednesday revealed its technology, which will use 60-GHz technology to deliver a promised gigabit per second of multimedia content throughout the home, wirelessly.

A member of the WirelessHD consortium, SiBeam plans to address the high-definition multimedia market, replacing the wires in a standard living room with its integrated transceivers.
Source: ExtremeTech
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Another standard... greeeeeeeat. Is this going to compete with Wireless HDMI (which is suppose to have products out this year)?
Sound pretty cool indeed. I won't have a use but I'm sure many other will.
Why not just do it the way that already works? Analog antenna...lol. Those old things on your roof...they pick up digital signals just fine. I did it when I had satellite...you could get local HD from the antenna.

Oh well, I guess we need 400 stations...I forgot.
What's wrong with 400 stations?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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