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Witch Power Supply Is Better Quality!!

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Im Currently have the Enermax Galaxy 1000watt Power supply.. its about 2 yeas old and im thinking of upgrading to the New Antec 1200 watt http://www.provantage.com/antec-tpq-1200~7ANTS03K.htm ..

Is Enermax a better brand then Antec power supply or ?? My system consumes around 850 900 watts under full load..
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I'd say that Antec is better IMO

BUT personally I would never justify upgrading an 1000W PSU currently unless its about to die. save your money instead

and I promise you that the system in your sig doesn't draw 900W either
my rig draws more power than yours does but my silencer 750W is still running strong

your current PSU is just fine, hold on to it
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i dont think enermax is a better brand, that antec you listed is pretty solid, 80+ silver is just wow. I say, if you have the money, why not.
My rig doesn't consume that much power and look at it. Keep your current psu, there is no reason to upgrade.
First off, how does your system consume so much power? 1k is MORE then enough for your build. Heck even a 850 is unless you have 30 HDD's
The only review of the Antec I know of is in Chinese. It seems to be a good unit, but I'll hold off on judgment until after one of my preferred reviewers looks at it. Efficiency is going to be better and of course you get more capacity. As for quality, I doubt there will be much of a difference.

How are you figuring out how much your system uses at full load? If you are getting a 5970 your power needs will also drop compared to two 9800gx2. Your current PSU should handle everything just fine, I don't see much of a need to upgrade.
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