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WIth fourth core enabled?

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How is overclocking?
ive been wondering that for quite long time..

Drooling for one, even tho im getting q9550.
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Specifially which quad are you talking about? The new Phenoms are supposed to be great overclockers compared to previous AMD cpus.
I think hes refering the the tricore Ph II 7xx that has 1 core disables.
It's only operating in about half the models, and many of them are not stable let alone overclockable.
Overclocking is better without the 4th core enabled. With 4 cores enabled, I hit 3.6GHz, but I backed down to 3.35GHz and enabled Cool N' Quiet to reduce heat/power consumption.
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wait, so are you saying that not all the phenom II x3's can be stable once the 4rth core is unlocked?
Not all Phenom II X3's have a stable 4th core.
The 4th core may not be stable as it was deemed defective, you may get it stable but might need more voltage.
balls, so its just luck of the draw.
so not fair. AMD-1, customers-0.5
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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