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CryptoSafe Pro
CryptoSafe is a professionally developed Android application that allows you to store your sensitive information, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. safely and securely inside an encrypted database.


* Strong Triple-DES+AES Encryption
* Deniable Encryption
* Encrypted Database
* Multiple Passwords
* Passwords NOT stored in the phone
* Encrypted Backup to SD Card
* Encrypted Backup to e-mail
* Encrypted Backup to Google Docs
* Encrypted Backup to FilesAnywhere
* Remote Wipe via SMS
* Easy browse to websites
* Automatic Timeout
* Duress Password
* Stealth Mode
* Self-Destruct
* Website Passwords
* Bank Accounts
* Credit Cards
* Notes
* Private Contacts
Not to shabby if you are wanting some extra protection for your android device.

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Creator: Your girlfriend
Reason: To spy on you

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Originally Posted by Spunkybd;14188732
What the article didnt tell you was that its actually a botnet, and sends all your information to the creators.
Where did you find this information at? Or it is just a speculation opinion?

True, they don't mention where it is encrypted at, I would assume locally since you can store it all on your SD card as well.

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This is NOT deniable encryption. IIRC, Schnieder showed that every encrypted drive that is accessed by a non-encrypted OS leaves behind traces in the OS logs, filepaths, etc. The only way to have a truly deniable encryption is to have a secondary, hidden OS that is only accessed occasionally.

I also wonder what the chances are that the software uses GPL'd code.

It seems to me that a secondary OS with an OTP (edit: one time pad) XOR cipher using two SD cards (where the SD "keycard" is easily removable) could provide the best solution. Any information on the permanently installed SD card would be impossible to decrypt under any circumstances without the second SD keycard.
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