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[WL] A super encrypted safe zone in Android

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CryptoSafe Pro
CryptoSafe is a professionally developed Android application that allows you to store your sensitive information, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. safely and securely inside an encrypted database.


* Strong Triple-DES+AES Encryption
* Deniable Encryption
* Encrypted Database
* Multiple Passwords
* Passwords NOT stored in the phone
* Encrypted Backup to SD Card
* Encrypted Backup to e-mail
* Encrypted Backup to Google Docs
* Encrypted Backup to FilesAnywhere
* Remote Wipe via SMS
* Easy browse to websites
* Automatic Timeout
* Duress Password
* Stealth Mode
* Self-Destruct
* Website Passwords
* Bank Accounts
* Credit Cards
* Notes
* Private Contacts
Not to shabby if you are wanting some extra protection for your android device.
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Originally Posted by Spunkybd;14188732
What the article didnt tell you was that its actually a botnet, and sends all your information to the creators.
Where did you find this information at? Or it is just a speculation opinion?

True, they don't mention where it is encrypted at, I would assume locally since you can store it all on your SD card as well.
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