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WLM auto crashes..

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Hello. I recently reformatted my PC because of a virus after I had no anti virus on my computer for a week or so. I re-installed AVG Internet Security to see if I can fix it but the POS deleted things like explorer.exe so whenever I try to login to my account, it shows my wallpaper for about 5 seconds then auto logged me back out. I have Windows XP Home Edition w/ SP3 btw.

ANYWAYS..I decided to get the new Windows Live Messenger, which is version 14.0.8064.206. It installed fine, but I log in with my account and after 5 or 10 seconds it gives me an error regarding wlcomm.exe. http://s200.photobucket.com/albums/a...t=WLMerror.png

Sometimes, I don't even get to login, it gives me that error while trying to login. I read multiple forums, and most of the people give the same thing. Delete contacts and some other Windows Live stuff in C:\\DocumentsandSettings\\ApplicationData\\ bbablablbla yeah yeah did all that and doesn't work. Also had one where they told me to delete all this stuff in registry and then use CCleaner, then reinstall WLM and of course that didn't fix it either.

Hopefully someone actually knows what they are talking about and can actually help me. Thanks!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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