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[WME] WinMo: HTC 2010 leak shows mini-HD2, new front-QWERTY and smaller Touch Pro 2

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Anybody remember the Great HTC Leak of 2009, in which we learned about the likes of the Snap line, the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 revisions as well as a slew of Android fare? It's time for the 2010 sequel, folks, courtesy of XDA Developers guru B3ler3fonte [via BGR]. This is all gleaned from an October presentation in Switzerland, apparently.


Would love Photon, if it had a 1 GHZ Cpu.
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I'm not really impressed with any of those. Seems like we'd be better off sticking with the touch pro 2, or HD2. Unless the price is a lot cheaper on these.
The photon looks really cool. I love the look of the HD2 but i surprisingly think it would be a bit too big. This seems perfect.
Little TP2 still has 3.2MP camera, and no 1GHz cpu?

What an idiots, they will later complain how selling is much lower than expected, I really don't know-.-

On the other hand legend is only device that is ok, AMOLED screen, nice camera, not that bad battery, but resolution is pathetic for this device HVGA only!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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