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Wondering about TECs in my setup

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So I was thinking about adding some TECs to my water cooling and wanted some feedback on what I am thinking. I have a 5800X so nothing big, and even overclocked should be under 150w at the most. This makes me think that if I had a 180w TEC I should be fine? As far as I know you always want a TEC's wattage to be more than the CPU it is going on.

For mounting it, would I just sandwich it between my CPU and my waterblock and build some sort of custom mount for the waterblock to let it mount higher up to account for the TEC?
I was also thinking about running a thermocouple to the TEC and using an external temperature controller to regulate power to the TEC to maintain a specific temperature. I am shooting for 32 degrees C, which is above the hottest ambient temp by a couple of degrees the PC would ever be in, so this way I will avoid condensation getting on anything in the PC.
I currently have two 480 radiators for the CPU cooling, which should be plenty to handle the heat load from the TEC.

Now what about getting the GPU some extra cooling? I was thinking about bolting on four, 60w TECs to a 3rd 480 radiator and chilling that radiator down to 32 degrees. After the water passes through the first two radiators after leaving the CPU, it would pass through the chilled 3rd radiator before going into the GPU. In this way the cooled metal the water is running through should have its temp lowered just before entering the GPU to make sure it stays nice and cool as well. Not sure how well this would work in practice, but it was an idea I had for chilling the water itself to better cool the GPU.

Those TECs on the 3rd radiator would need cooling of course, so I was thinking of doing a 2nd water cooling loop with small waterblocks on each of those 60w TECs and using two more 480 radiators to cool those four TECs.

So the system would look like this:

PC loop:
reservoir -> D5 pump -> CPU waterblock on TEC -> 480 rad -> 480 rad -> chilled 480 rad -> GPU -> 480 rad -> back to reservoir
TEC loop:
reservoir -> D5 pump -> TEC waterblock -> TEC waterblock -> 480 rad -> TEC waterblock -TEC waterblock -> 480 rad -> back to reservoir.

I have looked at the Hailea HC-500A a few times in the past, but it would cost 50% more and in the end dump out as much extra heat into my room as the TECs would and is louder as well. So I was thinking of going this TEC route as long as what I am thinking is correct and my experiments with a external temp controller work well on them.
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I would keep it simple and have a chilled loop and a hot loop. Get two pumps, a couple of blocks, two per TEC, and make some "Block, TEC, Block" sandwichs.

Run your cold loop to your CPU and to the cold side waterblocks and your hot side of the waterblock sandwiches will run to your radiators.

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I tried this in 2001 with an AMD Athlon XP. It didn't work well. The efficiency losses are massive in such a system, and keeping the cold side cold enough to make it worthwhile is difficult. I eventually just yanked the TECs and ran a standard loop.

If I ever do water cooling again, I'll do some kind of water to water exchanger with the "cold" water coming from my tap and draining to my sewer.
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