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Alright, so my current situation is that my windows install is almost 2 years old, and numerous things on my computer don't work. Ex: SLI.

So I was wondering if I could install Windows on my other drive without disrupting anything on my other partitions/drives. Here is how my HDD's are set up:

Primary drive/bootdrive
250GB 2 Partitions
1. Vista 230GB
2. Ubuntu + GRUB

Secondary drive/ Storage
1TB 3 Partitions
1. Documents 500GB
2. Programs 250Gb
3. Misc 181 GB (where I want to install windows)

Basically I want to switch the primary drive to the secondary drive, and install windows on my misc partition, all the while being able to access my primary drive to get whatever I need off it, like drivers. Can I do this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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