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50% money
25% knowledge

Well , im overclocking dont need that much of knowledge all u need the money to buy the Equipment u need.

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i think the most appropriate break up is the following,
30% money because it will buy some pretty decent stuff to work with
30% combination of component coz u cant have the best cpu in the world and run it with a mediocre ram and expect performance
30% knowledge, well if u dont know that when a cpu runs cooler it runs better u cant do anything with a fx-60 right?
5% experience coz u should be able to based on experience decide which is the best air flow setup and os setup, the tweaks and so on
5% luck coz luck is in getting a vapochill or similar LN system, running ur cpu at 5.0GHz and leaking LN on ur board...

simply my thoughts...

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There are a few members here in this forum who have Opterons 146 / 148 of which have been OC'd very well. It is a matter of searching for the work effort which is required to perform these.. here is one such thread. OC Newbie also has a 148 running at the same speed.

Extreme Cooling is what it takes but of course just having the money to buy such units is no guarantee of success it does take additional skill and knowledge of the various system components to tweak them out - which, irrespective of cooling type, will take any chip to its max speed (cooling dependant).


Originally Posted by kitt3

I've seen some1 in this forum running with 3.44ghz with an opty 146 2ghz:S .How is that possible , i mean us who owns 148 2.22ghz we cannot get it over 3.1ghz is there a secret or wat?

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