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Woohoo! Antec 1200

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Received an Antec Twelve Hundred yesterday from a gentleman who sold it to me for 75 dollars (which I came across on craigslist)! It's in perfect condition and came with six 120mm fans and the one 140mm fan and I couldn't be more satisfied. Perhaps I'll post pictures later. The only very little problem is that there weren't any hard drive screws so my HDs are just sitting in the racks. Where can I get these screws? They need to be like an inch long or more.
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People on OCN can probably send you a few, otherwise contact Antec for them or check your local hardware store.

Congrats on the awesome deal. $75 for a 1200 is a great deal. It is a really nice case. Post your rig in your sig.
Nice find... excellent price for that case..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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