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1 VGA EVGA 768-P2-N831-AR 8800GTX R - Retail
Just put in an order for a 8800. Next is the dell 3007 30" monitor and another card. I am forth on the list for my very own V6 stinger waterblock!! I have been using my wifes bedroom computer while mine has been down waiting for upgrades as I gave all of my old parts away to a friend when I decided to upgrade. this computer is going to rock. srry I'm just excited about it
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Nice! Don't be sorry, you should be excited! Congrats

[OCN] Ninja_Boy
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sounds like your system is going to rape so how much is that monitor?
they're expensive

$1,499 As low as $45/month

Man...Im so getting one of those
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the dell is $1500 on the site not sure if I will be able to find it for cheaper but I can take some money off of it as I'm going to sell my 32" Protron to a friend. I will be losing 2" but getting 3 times the res!! and the 1386*768 res of my currrent would just be a joke for the 8800. Unlike the video cards I don't think I will need to upgrade my monitor for a very long time. and I hoping I get at lest 2 years out of a sli 8800gtx setup.
LOL I don't know about 5 years. it seems like as soon as I turn around they have something 2 or 3 times as fast. Last systems was a 7800gtx sli and a 4200+ this should be at least twice as fast as that . This time I went with the Evga cards as the have the step up program.. I love the XFX 7800's that I had but you cant beat the EVGA service and upgrade package.
Lol I've been using GeForce FX 5200 for years and years and years... So your 8800GTX will last well over 2 years by itself, and well over 5 in SLI...

I'm probably going to upgrade to a 7950 GT KO or a lower-end GeForce 8 series (8800GTS or less) soon
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