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[WORKLOG] Mellisa 3.0

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Let me get some facts to my dear readers:

I originally planned to make a video series and a small worklog but after doing extensive viewing on youtube of builds and some worklogs, I have not seen anything complete as in videos from beginning to finish, or worklogs from beginning to finish with video. So I thought, "I could be the first to make a complete worklog". Complete as in full video series with complete editing, multiple images, some text, benchies and then there you go, a complete worklog. So I bought a camcorder, the Sony HDR SR-10. It features a decent camera function and stunning image clarity while shooting footage. 1080i was more than sufficient for youtube but I have other plans aswell.

The project is (for some) ackwordly named "Mellisa" 3 because yes, there was someone I knew named Mellisa and we split long ago. I was greived and bought a new PC and called it Mellisa. Me and my friends used it as an inside joke. Then my second pc, Mellisa 2 is the one I am using to compile this work log and has long outlived it's self (E6420, 2GB, 640GB, 8800GTS 320, 22") and since many new games are being released shortly after this summmer, I started putting together ideas for my new pc. This is my first build (my other pcs were either custom built or prebuilt by a "professional") so I have been gathering information since January 2008. I also decided that this PC had to be monumentally more powerful than my current work horse, so I decided to take that leap into the world of watercooling. Many people told me that this was a stupid idea but I just thought "screw them". They just don't want me to own a faster, cooler, and quiter machine once again.

So I researched on topics regarding watercooling and learned many things. One of them being that all loops required some important components. A resevoir, pump, water blocks, radiator and lastly tubing. Here were my choices in loop order:

Pump: Swiftech MCP655
Radiator: Thermochill PA 120.2
CPU Block: D-Tek FuZion V2
Resevoir: Danger Den Single 5 1/4 Bay Res.
Tubing: Danger Den Tygon R-3603

I did make a huge mistake during the selection of my radiator. I was determined that my watercooling was going to be all internal and that my case, the Antec P182 was big enough to house the Thermochill PA 120.3. A triple rad inside a Mid-Tower. I saw a person on a watercooling UK st=ite install a small POS rad inside the case with a rad grillz and that got me jealous. I check measurements and was determined this would work. I ordered the parts knowing that my retailer (NCIX) had a no return policy with watercooling components. When I got my rad and tried it in the case, my heart dropped. The rad was freaking huge and the case couldn't house the rad and mobo at the same time, let alone the fans on top. So I emailed Thermochill in the UK for a RMA/Trade in the PA120.3 for a PA120.2 which I could mount internally with fans on the outside. Learn from my mistakes people. Ask questions and be patient.

For this worklog, there will be a mixture of pictures and embedded youtube videos. Please don't skip anything

Old Machine (Mellisa 2)

CASE: HP Media Center M8...
PSU: Crappy 320W...
MOBO: Asus P5LE...
CPU: Intel E6420
RAM: Samsung 2GB DDR2-300
HDD: Seagate 320GB+320GB
DVD: LG 20x Burner
GFX: Nvidia GeForce 7350LE Upgrade to 8800GTS
SOUND: Onboard
KB: HP Wireless Media Keyboard
MS: HP Wireless Media Mouse
OS: Windows Vista Premium x86
MONITOR: HP w2207 22" 1680x1050

New Build (Mellisa 3)

CASE: Antec P182
PSU: Rocketfish 700W
MOBO: Asus P5Q Deluxe
CPU: Intel Q9550
RAM: G.Skill 4GB DDR2-1066 PC2-8500
HDD: Seagate 320GB+500GB
DVD: Samsung SH-S223
GFX: 8800GTS (Upgrade to AMD Radeon HIS 4850 IceQ4 512MB)
SOUND: HT Omega Striker 7.1
KB: Logietch G15 Rev 2
MS: Razer DeathAdder
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
MONITOR: Samsung Syncmaster T240 24" 1920x1200

Empty case, the Antec P182.


For overclocking, I've never actually done it before but it seems quite straight forward.

Step 1: FSB; if its too far, add more...
Step 2: Voltage; check stability
Step 3: Stress Tests(Prime95)

Core Speed = 4000MHz+
Multiplier = x8
Bus Speed = 500MHz+
FSB = 2000MHz+

CPU Voltage = 0.85V - 1.3625V

Realizing that this rad; Thermochill Pa120.3 is massive and won't fit my case

The Danger Den Reservoir

Samsung DVD Drive

Seagate 500GB Harddrive

Danger Den's Tygon Tubing for the loop; 5 feet is longer than I expected ;p

Asus P5Q Deluxe Box

Side View

Inside Flap

Bottom of Inside Flap

Inside Box

P45, and supports Quad and Dual Cores.

DuOrb for 8800GTS

Stacking 5.25" Devices

Top View

Barb Stuck in the 1/2 inch Tubing
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Thermochill PA120.3

Just realized that NCIX didn't make a mistake giving me 2 different sized barbs but that outlet and inlet are different sizes XD.

70% Isoproply Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning the 8800 GPU Die's Thermal Paste.

Almost shiny 8800 CPU Die. (Wonders if its possible to lap GPU Cores?)

Thermaltake DuOrb sitting nice and snug inside it's plastic shell.

Harddrives being happy it their cage.

New VRAMs and Ram Heatsinks for the 8800GTS. Much more effective than the stock cooler.

More VRAMs and Mini-heatsinks.

360, Resevoir and a knife?

Seeing if everything fits.

Getting ready to route Tubing.

Messy PSU cables for now

My god this rad is Massive :O

Tubes before being cut.

Asus CPU Block Cooler for passive and watercooled CPU's. Probably wont use it.

Pretending it's done when it's done.

I believe for quite a while that this beast would fit internally inside a P182 with a radgrill. O, was I ever wrong. (Lesson learned for next build, never assume)

Asus's nice mosfets.

D-Tek FuZion V2 Box.

D-Tek FuZion V2 CPU Block.

D-Tek FuZion V2 CPU Block w/univeral bracket and mounting screws.

Intermission for me
....Crimson Blue NDS Lite or PSP Phat. Decisions, decisions...which to choose? *crap times up*...back to work.

Working out tubing kinks.


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I'm lobing how concise this is

I have one question - why is there a kink in this hose -

Only on the video briefly so I couldn't see where it went - is it a drainport? or does it go to the CPU. If it goes to the CPU, I would replace that bit of tubing, a kink can cause alot of restiction.

If its not part of the loop or something nevermind

EDIT - Should've gone to the end
- Glad you got the kinks under control.

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Originally Posted by Sonic
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I am the only one having problems with the video? I got no sound and it keeps freezing at 2 seconds after it starts.

Edit: It seems to be all youtube videos as well.

Youtube could be updating

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Originally Posted by Sonic
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I watched all the videos on the weekend, the end result so far looked really good.

That guy did a stellar job with the dremel and drilling the holes.

Thanks, and yes he did. My friend. He's working on another PC build and I will document that too.

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looking over your planned upgrade, 8800gts to hd4850 is not a worthwhile upgrade, there's not much difference between them. you'd want at least a 4870 to get a nice upgrade, preferably the 1gb edition.

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