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worlds fastest s754 a643300

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its a athlon 3300 newcastle
ive only had it for 3 hours and ive gotten it to 2.85ghz
and i looked it up and the WR on this chip is 2.875ghz
should i take it to 2.9?
and also this thing needs soo much voltage its the first time ive ever needed to put coolers on my mosfets 130nm FTL
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Suicide run?...How much voltage u putting to it now?
Winter OCing FTW
grrr 2.7 is the max i can get it into windows with 1.7V
1.7V is too hot for my cooler i need to swap
ill take it outside tomorrow night with my hyper48 cooler and 120cfm fan
i did get it to post at 2.92 so there is hope

im going to hold a world record with a cpu that dosent exist
i like the way that sounds
I'm assuming that's a Socket 754 chip? And your current CPU runs at 300x9? Wow, I didn't realize that Socket 754 scaled that well on its HTT.
Paper dragon?
BTW im ordering a DFI LP DK 790FXB M2RSH tonight
since the UT model never came out like i wanted
wow, now that is an old cpu you bought there. Hope you dont actually think its new
sorry i had to, but that would be amazing if you can take the WR OC for it man, but wow 1.7v
that is crazy.
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hahaha i dident buy it lol
i pulled it out of an HP
along with a 1gb stick of micron -5B D
and a 160gb HD

so i cant get it to boot at 242x12
it will boot at 242x11.5
every combination of htt and multi the cpu tops out just before 2.8
Skt. 754 CPUs were kings of overclocking back in the day. Guys were getting some insane overclocks with those chips. Skt. 939 CPUs ended up with similar performance (lower overclocking potential at first, but more refined tech and extra features), but for sheer OC potential skt. 754 was the way to go.
i got the board to work after pulling the bios chip and hot flashing it on another comp
worked for about 30mins while i clocked the 3300 up to 2.9ghz then it died again
it wont even turn on anymore im sad
that was the best board i had.add this to the list of dead boards in my overclocking career
Abit nf8 v2
msi 865pe neo2 v

im not done with that cpu it killed one of my best boards
i will get it over 2.9 it will just have to be on a really crappy board
gigabyte GA-K8VM800M-RH
its got crappy voltage options +5% +7.5% +10%, 10% is 1.8V measured with dmm and 7.5% is 1.7V
ram timings on this board are better than the abit though
the only problem will be the lack of pci/agp frequency lock
wish me luck hahaha
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omg the athlon 3300 killed the giga board too!!!!!
got it up to 2.892Ghz

that would have been a WR

im gonna look for a dfi nf3
anybody selling one? i got 40 in paypal hahaha
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picked up another board from the shop around the corner
only $10!!!!!!!! its the same gigabyte but this one is rev.2
it seems giga was able yo fix the problem with the via not having a pci/agp lock
it looks like its running a divider
so far: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=892367
just need to get the 12 multi to stick
Nice read. Good luck there redhat!
yar!! almost.
would not post @ this without a pencil to the pwm chip
i dont dont know what i did but it added voltage somwhere haha
broke another board lol!!!!
burned one of the fets up
it will be another week till i can get my hands on a dfi nf3 250gb
o well back to the 939

CPU: 3
Overclocker: 0
this is not going well...
DFI NF3 250GB is in transit
got it for the low price of $40 with cpu and ram
a64 3200
i dont know what kind of ram and i dont really care it will go into my home server
also got a set of 2x512 BH-5 corsair pc3500

expect numbers soon
Good luck mate
Nice read
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