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worth buying a 4870 1gb?

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Hello I just installed another monitor to use with my current one.
(reposted here at the general section seems inactive)

Monitors: 24" 1920x1200 23" 2048x1152

For multiple monitors to work with my 9800gx2 i had to assign 1 gpu to each monitor,(the 9800gx2 has 2 cards inside) so i only get half of my gpu power when running games

would i be better getting a 4870x2? for multi monitors.
with a 4870(x2) 1gb would i have the whole card working if i run a game?
and are ati cards better at handeling multi monitors?

thanks alot for your help and sorry about the typo's
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I'd say keep what you got if its working. AFAIK, the 4870x2 would work the same as far as dual monitors. Although I think they have had updates in drivers to fix the issue, I'm not sure it would be worth it for you.

(Now fold on that beast
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The 4870x2 will give you an in game performance boost.
But honestly, if you are happy how it runs right now I would not upgrade.

Especially since price drops on the HD48xx cards are comming.
Thanks for the replies

Are there any advantages to ati over Nvidia with multi monitors?
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