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Would a Feser 360 Handle This?

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A core i7 at 1.45 vcore 4.4 ghz, + a 5870 overclocked to 1ghz core + 1.3vcore.

I've heard that most all 360 rads can handle a core i7 with 2 gtx 275s
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Dunno how much heat the 5870 produces, but generally, you should have pretty reasonable temperatures.
Depends on what size and cfm fans you want to use. The higher a heat load on your rad the more cfm you need and or more rad surface area. In other words if you want to use really low cfm skinny fans, depending on heat load, the more rad surface area you'll need.

You can always do a push-pull on it with lower cfm fans "if" you need to. And you very well might with that load.Shrouds help to.

Personally I wont use under this size fan on any rad..86cfm Pana ..Some find them loud but to me they aren't. These are what I use...115 Pana-S/W

Anything over a 86cfm Pana you would be better off with a GTX since it's a higher fin per inch rad and scales better with higher cfm fans.

These will give you an idea of heat dissipation and the sweet spot for various rads and there fin densities.

This first link put in your heat load in watts and the fan RPM that you want to use, a little bar graph will pop up on the bottom, that's your rad out temp to room ambient Delta T. I like to keep mine at 5C and under for good OC'ing head room. ...CPU Wattage Calc

..Radiator Thermals and Radiator Calculators by Martin

..Huge Radiators: Roundup

Part #2 has recordings and it will give you an idea of various fan sounds, they also have some good performance stat's in both links.Martin did a grat job on them. Just remember that 120x38mm fans have a higher static pressure then the 120x25mm anad will give you better performance on a rad even if the 120x25mm and 120x38mm have the same RPM figures.

..Fan testing Part 1

..Fan Testing Part 2 (Radiator Tests & Videos)
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I think it would run fine, but a 2nd rad would be even better considering how high you want to clock the processor and the video card!
i have a 360 I currently watercool my mosfets , nb etc and CPU, then I use the PA Triple rad to WC my SLI 295s..
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