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Would a Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UDH3 mobo bottleneck a Phenom x4 955?

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Curious before I match those two up. The 785G series is AM2+, while I believe the CPU is a socket AM3. The system I'm building is going to have DDR2 memory, DDR3 is a little out of my price range right now
Just making sure that the CPU would function well with this mobo.

Don't want to lose performance over something this easily overlooked. Also, if it DID lose performance, how much would be lost? Thanks.
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DDR3 is the same price or cheaper than DDR2 at the moment afaik. You would not lose performance with that board. I would still purchase an AM3 board. Look in my sig for the MA770T. It's a great AM3 budget board and OC's well.
Is there such a thing as a motherboard bottleneck? Sorry. Just curious

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Is there such a thing as a motherboard bottleneck? Sorry. Just curious
Not via CPU. The way I would interpret a mobo bottleneck would be based on number of PCIe, DDR, etc. slots. When you're limited to what you can add to it, I guess that would be a bottleneck. It's not how I would word it.
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Unfortunately, the only option available to me is an AM2+ board since a friend is giving me his that he got with some rebate deals from Newegg. Not complaining, as free things are always appreciated. Just making sure that I'll be able to use it. Thanks for the info, though.

@sayuki, not exactly sure. I've seen threads on other forums where people talk of their mobo bottlenecking their cpu for whatever reason, so it got me a little worried. Not sure if they were talking crazy talk, as I had never heard of it, either.
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