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Hi all,

First time poster. But have read forms on the site from time to time.

I have a z370 Taichi board. I want to water cool it with the old z270 Taichi waterblock (its black) from Bitspower. I like the look of the older Bitspower MB block. The new version for the z370 board is full acrylic and I don't like it. I've looked at reviews and looked at the circuits between the z270 and z370.

Links: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/8333/asrock-z270-taichi-motherboard-review/index3.html

From the looks of the chipset they look nearly identical. I've spotted small differences. But I don't think they are modules that need cooling ie. under the heat sink of either the z270 or z370.
In terms of specs all I could find was that the boards are identical in w/d - 30.5cm X 24.4cm. However I can't find numbers of the height of the VRM. I think that would be the make of break. I'm pretty much willing to order it and give it a try.

I've also asked Bitspower this and they said the old model can be installed on the z370 board but they can't test thermals because they don't have the z370 taichi board. I'm thinking of going for it and to try it myself, since I can't find anyone else who has tried the old block on the new board. I've read of other old blocks working on their "new" board counter parts. I'd like some opinions on the matter if anyone has any perspective or information I have missed.

If there are other Monoblocks for the z370 board that I can look at I'd also be interested. I haven't found any though.
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