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So I picked up the XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 kit, something I kind of regret. Anyway instead of using their radiator I am going to use
my PA 120.3 as a top 360 radiator. On the rear I purchased a 120.1 radiator. The top radiator I plan to use a push and pull set up using 120mm Yate Loon D12SM-12 fans. On the rear radiator I plan to just use a push configuration due to possible limitations with with the thickness of the radiator and my ram sticks in my Asus Rampage Extreme IV motherboard. I will be using the dual bay reservoir that came with the kit, I have a swift tech 655 (without variable speed) and if the stock pump with the kit will cause problems I can swap pumps. (I need input on that).
I will be using 7/16 5/8 tubing. I plan to have the radiators exhaust air outside the case. (my reasoning for this is if I have them intake then eventually the ambient temperature inside my case will eventually get to levels that may limit the efficiency of cooling my components).

This set up will cool a i7 3930k and 3 7970s. I know that the rule of thumb is to allocate 120mm to cool each component.

From the picture, Red= 120.3 Radiator
Blue= 120.1 Radiator
Brown= 3 cards
Teal= dual bay reservoir with pump
Green = oversized Cpu block

Note* my drawing is in no way to scale. This is a quick mock up, I have class soon and i'm using a laptop so I don't have time to draw the tubing but basically this is how it will go.
Reservoir/pump-->360 radiator--->cpu--->120 radiator--->3 GPU-->reservoir/pump

Does that setup sound reasonable to? If not what do you advise?

Corsair_guts_full.jpg 171k .jpg file


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That setup sounds just fine, and while the amount of radiator you'll be using isn't going to set any temperature records, it'll certainly do decent, and significantly better than air. With 3 7970's, you might consider running them parallel, as parallel gpus generally maintain the same temperature while series can leave the last card 1-2C hotter. GPU blocks generally do just fine with lower flow rates that parallel gives, and since they're all identical blocks, the flow each receives should be identical.

I'd consider selling the pump/res that came with the kit, and using the 655 instead. The XSPC kit pumps are probably the least-liked component in the kit, and the 655 is a very solid pump that should have zero issues with that loop. You can easily pick up a bay res / pump top combo that'll allow you to mount the 655 in 2 bays, as well. It does sound like picking up the kit wasn't the best purchase for you, but what's done is done, time to make the best of it. The CPU block is still a solid performer, and you should be able to recoup part of the cost reselling the pieces you aren't using. The RX360 in particular is a rather well-liked radiator, and selling it should be fairly easy.

If you have the option of returning the kit, even with a restocking fee, I'd probably go that route. You can use the money to pick up a separate cpu block, which seems to be the main piece of the kit you'll be using. The rasa is just fine on the affordable end of things, or you could always go with the Raystorm or Koolance CPU-370, both popular blocks that are high on the performance end of things.
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