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Would you buy this?

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Hell yeah I'd buy that
definitely not.
looks nice but its a mid tower case, i am struggling with my sig rig in my mid tower case
maybe, but with the antec 900 costing LESS, probably not.

Originally Posted by Heavy Light 117
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Hell yeah I'd buy that

exact words out my mouth!
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I think it looks way too high and skinny.
But that's just my opinion... I hated the Antec1200 for the same reason.
If it was a full tower and that same price then i say a resounding MAYBE.......
Jesus Christ, no I would not.
If it comes with a remote and I can drive it around my living up to bulldoze some garbage, then yes I'd buy it.
yeaaaa NO.
If it was like 50 maybe.
And I thought my HAF was industrial looking.... Wow. Just, wow. I'm gonna have nightmares now...
I'd buy it....then eat it because it will come out looking better.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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