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Wow!!! 3.0->3.991 and still going!

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I am still finding this CPU's limit. I am shocked, new to overclocking and even reading some of the posts here and clock speeds possible, I still believe I am doing extremely well to get a socket 775 3.0e to 3.991, bus speed: 1064 mhz! RAM @ ddr 421

Now, I want to make sure before I stop around this mark, that I am actually doing myself justice here..

* The ram speed is lowered a fair bit, I'd say it'd be more like 3:2 timings now. CPU-z won't tell me. All I can tell you is that if I didnt divide it, it would be around 540 MHZ as opposed to 421 now. Is that causing a bottleneck possibly? What would be the best way to test? Prime95 is stable,

* I have seen this ram boot as high as DDR475 and got into windows. At DDR481 svchost.exe etc, all failed to start so I figured I pushed it a bit high.

* The BIOS boots at exactly 4.00 GHZ.

* If anyone can explain why my CPU multiplier is at 355 in the BIOS and running at 4.00 GHZ, please tell! EasyTune 5 says it's at a 266 multiplier.. so does bios when I boot ..

* System specs should be upto date in my CP if you are wondering..

* RAM timings changed from 3-5-5-9 to 2.5-4-4-6, I havent tested how far that can go. 2.0-x-x-x crashes, so does anything lower than 5, should i try for 2.5-3-3-5 (realistically, it's kingston value..) Also - Could I possible get a higher overclock with one stick of RAM in only?

* CPU Voltage is at +10% (You can see my VCore in the screenshot)

* Load temps are exactly 65c after Prime95 overnight.

* Any more info that you guys are after, please let me know. I am not going to get better cooling in my system, I want to see how far this can go how it is. The zalman 7700 does a good job of keeping it cool for it's price,

* Attached is CPU-Z screenshot and the html report in zip format for anyone interested,

This is my first attempt at a proper OC....seems im squeezing it now..

Anyway just looking for suggestions, or things to try, or some praise for this OC...maybe I should auction this thing off and see what some REAL oc'ers can do with it..

Fire away guys,
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doesn't thermal throttling kick in @ 65° for a prescott??
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