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I am still finding this CPU's limit. I am shocked, new to overclocking and even reading some of the posts here and clock speeds possible, I still believe I am doing extremely well to get a socket 775 3.0e to 3.991, bus speed: 1064 mhz! RAM @ ddr 421

Now, I want to make sure before I stop around this mark, that I am actually doing myself justice here..

* The ram speed is lowered a fair bit, I'd say it'd be more like 3:2 timings now. CPU-z won't tell me. All I can tell you is that if I didnt divide it, it would be around 540 MHZ as opposed to 421 now. Is that causing a bottleneck possibly? What would be the best way to test? Prime95 is stable,

* I have seen this ram boot as high as DDR475 and got into windows. At DDR481 svchost.exe etc, all failed to start so I figured I pushed it a bit high.

* The BIOS boots at exactly 4.00 GHZ.

* If anyone can explain why my CPU multiplier is at 355 in the BIOS and running at 4.00 GHZ, please tell! EasyTune 5 says it's at a 266 multiplier.. so does bios when I boot ..

* System specs should be upto date in my CP if you are wondering..

* RAM timings changed from 3-5-5-9 to 2.5-4-4-6, I havent tested how far that can go. 2.0-x-x-x crashes, so does anything lower than 5, should i try for 2.5-3-3-5 (realistically, it's kingston value..) Also - Could I possible get a higher overclock with one stick of RAM in only?

* CPU Voltage is at +10% (You can see my VCore in the screenshot)

* Load temps are exactly 65c after Prime95 overnight.

* Any more info that you guys are after, please let me know. I am not going to get better cooling in my system, I want to see how far this can go how it is. The zalman 7700 does a good job of keeping it cool for it's price,

* Attached is CPU-Z screenshot and the html report in zip format for anyone interested,

This is my first attempt at a proper OC....seems im squeezing it now..

Anyway just looking for suggestions, or things to try, or some praise for this OC...maybe I should auction this thing off and see what some REAL oc'ers can do with it..

Fire away guys,

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Originally Posted by Zipnogg

Impressive overclock, but I don't think you'd want to go any higher with that temperature. If you do, open the side panel on the motherboard side. That helps a lot. At least for me, it does.

Your vcore seems to be the same as mine. Did you set it on 1.485? Well, just remember that 1.525 is the limit.

Seriously, going over 65*C is bad. When I have mine loaded the temp. hovers at high 50s, and that freaks me out.

Again.... watch that temp.

Thanks for all your replies, - I have got the sidepanel open, and a floor fan blowing straight in..call me a geek,

vcore is maxed, cpu voltage = +10%, that is the only option in the BIOS to do it. I am yet to set it back to 0%, and see if it will let me mod it then from EasyTune5, still experimenting, its like I have to do some stuff with easy tune to allow me to do different stuff in the BIOS (for anyone who's used it, quite annoying..its like a dj trying to play without vinyl..does not have full manual control!)

I have re-checked EasyTune, and It's fluctuating between 56c and 58c, my temps that I recorded are when the day was physically hot. I realise there's an environmental issue, and I need to get aircon (no, not for oc'ing, I am actually buying this for it's purpose, but yes..it will help!) * edit, just opened door to let cool breeze in, 54-56c.. Im feeling a bit better..

Room temps mean a lot to my cpu temps I've realised.

I will see how high I can raise the RAM and still remain stable, I have a feeling that I wont get above 5:4 when the FSB is above ~ 950 which is going to greatly reduce my overclock.

What would be the best program to capture the happy medium, ie your ram/ cpu working together in 'harmony' ??

Thanks for all the help everyone, for my other thread too, you guys overclocked this, not me..

Maybe I should just stop f***ing whinging and be happy with my OC. And yeah, I *am* legitimately auctioning this chip off as a "good overclocker" if anyone wants to buy/swap/trade

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Originally Posted by pbasil1

if you can set the mem divider to 5:4, i dopubt it can run at 1:1, so 5:4 is the next best option, 3:2 is probably a little too much of a drop and your loosing performance from it, so if you can run 5:4

If I didnt set any kind of divider (now, I cant specifically set 1:1, 5:4, etc in bios..i only get about 10 RAM DDR speed options per CPU speed, from say 380-720) - I would have DDR speeds up around 580, and I have seen it boot into this, but it didnt bring up the boot.ini bootup menu
Just to boot up into that, and register, I found impressive!!

So yeah looking at that, 580:420 = approximately 5.5~:4~ ratio for my RAM - thats my main concern, that i've slowed it down too much and it's affecting the rest of my system.
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