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Wow, look at this E8600

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.....It is a very decent overclocker, capable of passing SuperPi 32M benchmark with both cores @ ~ 6GHz (limited by FSB on P965 Commando motherboard, could not try any further) on 1.83Vcore

Holy god, 1.83 vcore!?!!?!? And he's selling the chip. Some noob will buy it thinking it's a great overclocker and the chip'll be dead.
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good grief. He did say it was on a cascade though @ -92c. That's some insane vcore though, even for a bench run on ln2.
now thats a suicide run
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Nothing close to amazing if you ask me, if you can cool it down, 1.8v should make it pretty attainable.
this cpu in a good board(like rampage) with ln2 cooling will fly for sure...

My guess is around 6.2ghz for 3d bench
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