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im in the market for a good MMO and was wondering wat u guys think on the big two, i dont like the WoW gfx but i herd its more fun, and a better game, so what do you guys think
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Been playing WoW since Beta.. and their new Expansion comes out mid January. The graphics simply blow EQ2 away..

to each his own.. either of them can own your life if you obsess on them.
WoW. Sooner or later the haters will be coming here trying to tell you different. Try out the 15 day pass. It will speak for itself.
wow is horrid. I tryed starting from fresh lvl 1 and got to lvl 5 then stopped cuz it sucks. Then I managed to get a lvl 60 account and stopped that too cuz it's ****ing boring. Basically it's all farming, questing, instances, and farming. And supposedly it get's you hooked. I forced myself to play it for 3 days and hoped I would like it enough to continue it. It's horrid.
eh, i like WoW alot better than EQ2, thats all i can say, and i dont like wow too much either.. lol
thats wat i was thinkin chopes, WoW is not as advanced and complex as EQ2, EQ2 is more for roleplayers
or sumthin like that, WoW is easier pick up and play
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Originally Posted by im_not_an_artard
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thats wat i was thinkin chopes, WoW is not as advanced and complex as EQ2, EQ2 is more for roleplayers
or sumthin like that, WoW is easier pick up and play

Also, eq2 pvp is alot better then wow pvp. I have played both. Wow pvp is just smashing buttons -_- eq2 pvp takes a little more skill imo then WoW.

Also, I think most of the community isn't 5 years old.
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Eww EQ2 complex lawl its played like any other MMO out there, WoW in my book is the way to go and its about to get its big update. I would also say it has more to offer than any other MMO out.

If you pick WoW make sure you join a PvP server its the way to go.

lol sorry chopes but PvP in EQ2 is a smasher just watch some videos and see, i am not sure as how builds go in EQ2 but in WoW there are tons you can have. A really fun build that owns and its not all about smashing or you can have smash.

To each his own.. Both games have their own appeal, what fun would it be if they were both identical. My wife and I both play, so I get to have my gaming time, and her not get angry, because we can play together.

Thats a huge plus in my book.
I've played both WoW and EQ2. Even though WoW has a "cartoony" look to it, the graphics are crisp and dynamic. In EQ2, you can bump the graphics up hardcore, but there is no point sense the landscapes are basically flat with some trees here and there. I guess I'll lay out the pro's and con's to each one -- in my opinion of course. Ultimately it's up to your tastes.

World of Warcraft
• Millions of players
• Many different server types
• Smooth game play in most situations (As in ping)
• Dynamic rolling landscapes
• Only one loading screen on the overmap. (Between the two major land masses.)
• Fast loading times
• Multiple forms of transportation. Boats, Birds, Trains, Portals, Mounts, and Item teleports
• Easy to learn how to play, hard to master
• TONS of questlines
• Many things to do solo-mode
• Really fun to play till level 50+

• 40-Man Raids in some highlevel instances cause major slowdowns and crashes for some players. Even if it does not affect you, having a critical party member crash out could lead to a complete restart of the instance. Extremely annoying.
• Game becomes extremely repeatitive after level 50.
• High level gear is painfully difficult to obtain and usually results in miniscule gains to your stats when replacing older equipment.
• Farming for gold is extremely difficult when trash loot only gains you ~30 silver per kill. If level 60 and farming solo, pack a lunch...You'll be there awhile. Instance farming is about the only way to gain gold at a respectable rate.
• Forced instance restarts and timers are, and will forever be, f***ing annoying.
• PvP is repeatitive and mind numbing.

Everquest 2
• The best MMO graphics ever seen (If you got the hardware)
• Large quest log allows you to get about every quest for a zone at once
• Farely easy to gain gold
• Excellent crafting system
• Clean interface
• Many races and classes
• Has been out for a while...help is easy to find
• Many different environments. Ice, Fire, Haunted Forest, Grasslands, etc.
• You can jump off flying mounts! Very nice.
• Collections. You collect items to complete a set and turn it in for a prize.

• Practically every door includes a nifty loading screen. Nooo thank you.
• If you don't have good hardware, the game looks like crap.
• The landscape "looks" dynamic, but essentally is just flat and boring.
• Travel can frequently become tedious.
• Crafting can become repeatitive, slow, and boring. Try not to do a large crafting project at one time to avoid this.
• Practically every door includes a nifty loading screen. Did I already mention this?
• Expansion expansion expansion. Good god, sooo many of them.
• Poor quest discriptions. You have to frequently search the net to figure out what your purpose was in the first place.
• Enemy NPC levels range drastically in any given zone. While farming enemies, you'll quickly find yourself surrounded by ultra highlevel enemies who swiftly dispatch you. ...then you have to make the journey ALL THE WAY BACK. Hell no.
• Even though you have a ton of options available to you, the game still somehow manages to feel linear. I don't know why that is, maybe it's the horrid amount of loading screens...

Anyhoo, maybe this will help you decide.
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X99 WoW is now getting flying mounts and you can jump off them.

I'm voting WoW, and that's because it's the only game I've tried.
You can be right of that it's very repetitive, but there's so many players that you ALWAYS will have a different experience. Just like CS

That's the reason to why I don't think EQII is good, not many players.

And seriously, you can't f**king rate a game on graphics. If all games were rated on graphics, then why are people still playing 1.6?
The first one to say here "OMG graphics > gameplay" will seriously get slain.

There are really games that are winners, such as World of Warcraft (Well well, why do you think so many are playing it?)
Diablo 2 was also a winner, graphics is not awesome but there's still +400 000 people playing it (not counting offline-players, which is about the double).
CS 1.6 IS a winner, people play it because VALVe decided to torture the people who's playing CS:S with lame radar updates and settings the tickrate to 33 and alot of useless things.
A 1.6 server even handles 32 players better than the CS:S server does, EVEN IF THE CS:S SERVER RUNS AT 33 TICKS COMPARED TO 1.6's 100 TICKS!

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Note to Xaine's comment on cons of EQ2 if you get the EoF set retail all expansions come with it
so lol check that off con list.
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I've played both EQ2 and WoW, and I can't say one is better then the other, as they both seem to be for different gamersl.

EQ2 seems to be full of the serious players, people who came form EQ, people who are into playing the game because they enjoy it.
PVP is different then WoW's, it isn't a button smasher anymore then WoW's PVP is. It requires skill and knowing your char if you want to be any good at it.

Sure, gold is easy to get in EQ2, but guess what? Plat isn't. Plat is EQ2 highest coin, so comparing gold to gold is like comparing Peso to 50 cent pieces, it's wrong. =)

I'm not exactly sure having more players is better for an MMORPG. Not having enough is bad, of course. I like how populated EQ2 is, there's enough people to get groups up no problem, but not so much that you are fighting over the same stuff.

I do enjoy running around WoW where you aren't supposed to go. I'd use a cheat to let me walk up hills and stuff. found some great cliffs for diving (with no fall damage turned on, of course), found some beautiful views.
I just found WoW too easy. Of course, I never really got into the end game, but when you can get from 1 to 40 in about 3 hours, it gets boring very fast.
Stupid packet editing hacks (figured out how to cast any spell I wanted) made WoW very boring. =) Impending Doom.

1 Thing WoW has going for it is that is scales down to lesser computers very well. I have a laptop with an Ati 345M in it. Crappy vid chip that Ati doesn't even support. It's equivalent to a Ati 7500, but I can play wow with it (the 2.4ghz celeron helps). There's no way I could get eq2 to run on it.
But with my x1950 I can turn alot of the eye candy on EQ2 and it looks very, very nice. Guess I need to load up wow, since I haven't played it on the new vid card.

Since you can get trials for both games, I suggest giving them both a try, see which one you like better. Maybe Wow is more suited for you, maybe EQ2 is. But there isn't a correct answer to which is better, because it's mostly about game play, and that's a personal thing. They both offer alot of the same things, quests, weapons, grouping, guilds, farmers, campers, griefiers, spammers, noobs, and of course, GM's. =)
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So your saying you hacked in WoW and it got boring wow gg, its sounds like your cutting up a game cuz of you hacking and cheating to know everything with out doing it yourself...

Also 3 hours to 40 your way off i don't know what your going by at all.

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