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Hi guy's I brought a Fujitsu S306 64GB SSD and i noticed my read speed is 530 MB/S
(this is nice i like this)

How ever my write speed is 120MB/S

-on the specification it states this should be 500+

-It is in AHCI MODE
-IS IN a 6gb port sata
-updated BIOS
-Installed Microsoft AHCI driver
-Installed AMD AHCI driver
-tested in IDE MODE
-Enabled Write cache /Disabled this (no dif)
-Erased windows 7 64 bit and Reinstalled fresh system

-Mobo is currently a Asus M4A89TD-PRO/USB3

-and i am unsure if this can be fixed or not

- i have ran ATTO and Crystal disk with same results

-Any other suggestions ?
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