I'm looking for a complete S3 for a planned build. I want to downsize my main rig and an S3 will be a great long term solution for many iterations of a high performance, watercooled SFF system. My preference is to buy from someone in the US or Canada to keep shipping costs down. I'm hoping to pay no more than $375 without a pedestal or $475 with a pedestal but I am open to negotiate and pay a higher price pending the color scheme, accessories, and condition of the case. I will pay for shipping in addition to the agreed upon sale price. I'm also willing to pay a little more if it's within a reasonable enough drive (within 150 miles of Columbus) to pick up in person. As far as color schemes go, I would prefer black, gunmetal, or white. I'm hoping to find one with the ventilated top and the front 240mm radiator mount as I plan to do a custom loop for the build.

I know CaseLabs owners are very fond of their cases for good reason and at this point they're unicorns. I'll treasure it and give it a good home where it gets plenty of use for many years to come.