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Long shot, but figured I'd see if anybody has anything laying around they want to get rid of for cheap at the holiday season, or I can spend more after the new year lol.

Here's what all I need:
  • 2600k or 3770k (or Xeon equivilant, want / need 4c / 8t)
  • 16GB+ DDR3
  • PSU big enough to run this rig 24/7 with 8 spinners and an SSD or two (and RAID card, fans, and GT310 GPU)
  • 500GB-1TB storage (SSD preferred, HDD's fine too if decent)
  • Thermal Grease

Trying to get my server rig running again, but most of the parts were stripped from it sadly. It has all my hoards of data on it, but all I have left is my z68 motherboard, Coolermaster 212 cooler, RAID card, and RAID drives. Looking to spend around $50 right now, upwards of fair asking costs for everything combined after the holidays. Don't mind buying in pieces either.

TY in advance and happy holidays everyone!

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I have Asus Sabertooth p67 with 2600k with CM 212 Hyper Evo, 1.65v Corsair 16GB (4x4GB blue sticks), 120GB Samsung 840 and has PNY GTX 780 - It is currently running off of an EVGA 1000W P2 power supply (not for sale unless you REALLY want it) inside of a full tower (which makes no sense to ship as I am in Massachusetts).

If interested, make me an offer. This system is rock solid - it has been literally running 24/7 at stock speed since about 2012 except those times when I replaced RAM, SSD, graphics card and PS. Now that my daughter has a laptop she never uses it.
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