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Well before it's time, the original X-Com, UFO Defense is a must play for any PC gamer.

But like many things in life, they went and ruined a good thing. The sequels were terrible, the copy-cats that were spawned (UFO??) were still no X-Com

I'll never forget how crafty my best friend and I thought we were when we went into the code files to change the players's names and dialogue - just to find out year's later that if we had just clicked on the names in game - same deal:swearing:!!! (However, the sophmorish language we inserted into the game was still a sweet mod!)

So here it is 2009 and I want to guage if there's interest in re-making this classic on a new platform.

Other things to consider when posting

1.)Would you keep the same game-type (turn-based)?
2.)Would you make it realtime?
3.)Would you make it into an FPS instead? (Left for Dead posts made me think of this, the feeling you get in that game is similar to what I felt playing X-Com - and figured it might actually work as a decent FPS)

One of my main driving factors is that you never got a true multi-player experience. I think this is possible now.

What would you NOT allow them to change?

for me:
1.)The dogfights (although I'd make this playable in 3d)
2.)The science, business and political aspects
3.)Some turn-based aspects must be somehow maintained (no clue how to achieve this in FPS)

Love to hear from the fanbois here. Long live X-Com!!! Rep for a good topic? It beats the Monday blues and just forced me to work 4 minutes of overtime!

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Xcom is awesome, I'm a big fan of UFO defense. I also liked TFTD (although it was basically the same game, it crashed less for me.)

There are some projects keeping the original game alive. In fact there is a multiplayer version,
I haven't played this for a while but I know they were working on updated skins for the game, it was pretty fun playing vs turn based over the web against friends.

I had looked into this a while back and found a descent looking "remake" in the works with updated graphics(04'?). I didn't follow that so I don't know what happened to it. There are a ton of copy cat games on the web, but none that can stack up to the original.
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Hey guys, thanks for the posts. Good to see a fan out there.

Campbell, yes I love to BLAM dogtag people as my game styles show. 2 problems in reference to X-Com though....

1.)Getting close to these aliens is not the smartest idea (black little punk who takes over your body)
2.)Aliens don't wear dogtags. At least not the species they had in the game. I could see a Spock or Warf-type alien wearing some though, in those cases - yes I wouldn't mind taking them.

accskyman - yeah I saw that like yourself a long time ago as well. While I applaud their effort - it illustrates my point... no studio has seriously given it the time of day it deserves. Nice pointing it out though, I'll hook you up with rep...
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