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X-Fi Apps for Vista

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Does anyone have an .iso torrent for the X-fi apps in Vista? The European one was posted a few weeks ago but the download speed sucked so I didn't bother. Torrent is legal for this since the apps are free. Creative Labs is charging $8 for shipping and has not made it downloadable from their site.

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is that it?

EDIT: I take that one back. That like is version 2.10. This one is version 2.15

no, thats the driver up there. he is looking for the apps.

btw, i downloaded the one you are talking about but they dont work with oem hardware like my xtrememusic oem
Yup, those links are for driver only. The apps are the following:

Creative Audio Console
Creative Volume Panel
THX Console
Creative Software AutoUpdate
Creative MediaSource
Creative Entertainment Center
Creative Smart Recorder
Creative WaveStudio (I think this is the only one that is downloadable)
Creative 3DMIDI Player
Sound Blaster for Media Center
SoundFont Bank Manager
Creative Diagnostics
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oh dang. ok. idk. I will look around..
Would it be on the CD I got with my Fatali1ty in April? Or is there a newer version?

Originally Posted by killnine View Post
Would it be on the CD I got with my Fatali1ty in April? Or is there a newer version?
Does the CD contain Vista apps? (Since your CD was printed in March or before, I doubt it would)
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I posted an info thread with a link like 2 weeks ago... people didn't really pay attention, which I don't really understand but there's a link to a working .iso
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