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X-Fi XtremeMusic = mic problems?

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I just bought a X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard for my new pc and have had some problems with my mic. I'm using a pair of PC150's. When I use my mic in ventrilo and ingame , only one or the other will work not both. I updated the drivers and cant seem to find anyway to change it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Can you be a little more specific? Does this happen with any game that uses a mic?
what ventrilo client is it? what game(s) does it happen on?

usually when i play on my games we use ventrilo 2.2.1 and some people have that problem as the game activates the effects on your sound card making your mic sound different or not even working,

it is the case when i play a old game called Gansters 2 online with my friends. been more specific give us somthing to work with. if closing down ventrilo and reopening if this solves the problem it solves the problem but, more information is needed in order for us to help you...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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