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X1300 Shuts Off

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It is a HIS X1300 128MB. My sister is just playing WOW and all of a sudden the monitor says check computer cable. As if it was unplugged or the computer was shut off. The computer is still running and working because the sound still works fine. I tried SpeedFan on it and none of the temps went above 35C. I have the newest drivers whatever they are I got them this morning. I should touch it to see if it gets hot in case SpeedFan is wrong. It also went all orange with vertical lines. If you turn it off and back on it works fine for a little bit. Any Suggestions?
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first...try using a different monitor, cable...then reinstall the driver and use a driver cleaner program....after all that...

if it dies like that again....orange with weird coloring lines etc...means your card is dying and you have to replace it.
All right well there used to be a 7300LE in here. I used Driver Sweeper from Guru 3D, but it does not work. I even downloaded it again and It does not even work on my 3 other computers too. I have tried the noninstall and the install they both give the same error.

Here's a list of the computers:
Shuttle - XP Pro - Went from ATI to Nvidia
The X1300 PC- XP Pro - Went from Nvidia to ATI
Dell - XP Pro - Went from Nvidia to ATI
emachines - XP Media Center - Went from ATI to Nvidia

I kinda need to run it on all of these computers too
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Update: This is only happens on WOW for some reason, Spore runs fine. nvm
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