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X2 7750 BE with MB GA-M61SME-S2L

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My motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2L rev 2.0 - bios F5F

I intend to buy the AMD Athlon X2 7750 CPU, (kuma core, 65nm, 95W TDP). In the CPU support list of the Gigabvte website, it only lists Athlon X2 6500 as supported, with bios F5F (the one i have). But, it's the same core, the same tdp, it's pretty much the same processor with different clocks.

It is a very nice upgrade for me and i really want to know if my motherboard (GA-M61SME-S2L rev 2.0) will support it. I think it will support and maybe say "unknow processor model" in the BIOS but it will work just fine.
The GA-M61PME-S2P has the 7750 on the cpu support list, and it is a very similar motherboard to mine.
But still I can't buy without being sure, because the seller may not return my money if it doesn't work.

Please, help me out, Will my motherboard support the Athlon X2 7750?. Thank you.
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I'd honestly pick a different processor. The 7750 is old news and based on Phenom I tech and isn't a good overclocker.

If the 7750 is still 65 dollars (it was when I bought mine), take a look at this.


Also, please fill out your signature rig specifications to help us help you.
what else would EVER fit in my motherboard ?

and well, i will be buying a whole new rig by january or february, thing is... my current CPU got broken, and i need one to stay in this secondary computer.

will it work with my mb?
i'd get an Athlon II or something listed on the mobo's support list...
The latest bios for that board was released on 5/20/08 so I'm not sure if it will work with an AM3 chip.

Any AM2 or AM2+ chip should be fine though.
ditto. I would stick to what's supported on the list. Recommending a AM3 is out of the question. what's interesting is that it does support the Phenom x4 AM2+.
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