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x3 phenom to x4 help

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i got my 720 in today (WOOT) and i am super happy about it... it's the fastest proc. i've ever owned (don't hate plz). all of my games are getting crazy good fps now and my vantage score went up a good amount.

my question is this:

it enable the 4th core, i was told you would need to change the acc or ecc (i found the setting in my bios) to auto... with it at auto, it doesn't boot, it hangs at the sign in screen. with it at manual (where you set the calibration yourself) i can get it to boot to windows but it's not 100% stable. i would like to know if anyone here can find where their calibration settings are and possibly tell me what theirs are in case i am doing it wrong? perhaps i was unlucky enough to get one of hte ones where the fourth core is defective on it?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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