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X58 board suggestions?

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Ok so far I am debating between;

P6T Vanilla
X58 SLI LE - e757
X58 SLI - e578
UD3R -
Rampage Gene II

Which one would run with lowest voltage needed for 4.0/4.2?
Which one runs hottest? coolest?

Which one would you recommend for me?

EDIT: Added the Gene II, would the P6T be better than that?
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The rampage Gene II would be my board of choice, as in, I'm getting it end of Jan.

Reasonably priced, Great reviews and will overclock nicely.


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All the UD boards are solid overclockers.
That being said,I would take the Rampage Gene II, it has got nice reviews and overclock good.
In one review, they got their i7 920 to 4GHz only by using the Asus CPU Level Up function, which can be entered in the BIOS or even the OS.
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rep+ , thanks guys. I was swaying towards the X58 SLI and P6T, because of performance / overclocking. I never really bothered to look at the Gene, but now I see ... Gene gets better performance than both

Gene it is! Now to either wait until Newegg gets it in stock or run to Fry's and grab one.
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