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X600 xt

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well, i tried getting a 6800gt, and did, but didnt work in my comp no matter what....so i wanted 2 upgrade so i got the asus lga775 P5AD2 premium and the 3.4 matchin cpu...yeah so i was lookin at the pci xpress video cards and a x800xt pe isnt an option cuz its a little 2 expensive, and i might as well get a temp solution for now till next gen comes. so the option is between the 6600gt 128mb, X600XT 128mb, and a 5900 128mb. So they all cost around the same, but i think the X600xt will probly kick the others, and its a faster core then the x700 pro.
so the question is, is the x600xt 128 worth the money, which company, and will it OC very well?
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The X600XT is a good card however the 6600GT is far better than it and they are both in about the same price range.
The X600XT will be able to play the latest games quite well. My X600 Pro can play HL2 at max settings with about 35FPS.
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