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Just bought a x600xt 128mb pcie vidcard untill i can save up for my 7800gt that i would like to get. I was wondering if anyone has used this card or owns this card that would give me some idea of what performance i should expect from it. I play UT2004, CSS, and would like to play q4. If anyone knows what kind of FPS i would get with settings on medium-high at 1024x768 reseloution i would be very grateful. Thanks in Advanced!
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Originally Posted by bluedevil

dont expect alot......basicly the equal to the 9600xt but in PCI-E version

well i been reading up on it. The card is said to get 140fps with no aa or anything and about 70-80 with everything turn up all the way in unreal tournament 2004. Which is like 10x better then my mx440. Hopfully this is true. Read other reviews too that this gets about 50 fps in CS:S with all settigns on high and about 30 fps in q4 with all settings on lowest. Which isnt bad at all to me. since i couldnt even play the game on my last pc. Mx440 got 30 fps with lowest settings in ut2004. So i be happy. This card shall last me untill unreal tournament 2007 comes out. That game is going to rock my socks off.
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