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X800 GTO1(2) vs X1600pro

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Which do you prefer,

x800 GTO 1(or2)
or X1600pro ,

People keep talking about the GTO and GTO 2 x800
but the x1600pro seems to have the same amount of pipes (12) and
a much higher clock speed and memory speed. Prices are similar
So i'm stuck on which to choose , please indulge

By the way , I've checked like 15 different X1600pro cards but neither seem
to support a memory bus of 256mb, only 128 ... why would this be ?

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Originally Posted by honsbeek

I thought the GTO2's already come with 16 pipes as a standard, so are they locked when the card is purchased?
How about the GTO 1 cards , they are still better you think ?

Connect3D (I think) started releasing x800 GTO2 with 16 pipes since everyone was flashing the 12 pipe ones. Sapphire still releases 12 pipes as far as I know.

Not sure about the GTO thing though.
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